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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2006|06:07 pm]
so the next time gawker and a zillion other gossip sites link my livejournal can someone please TELL ME ? i just found out today when a reporter from the NY times called. ha! i love it! livejournal as primary source.
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(no subject) [Feb. 3rd, 2006|10:38 am]
hey guys, it's official.. i'm getting rid of the old LJ. i'd like to save it or archive it somehow, as it's such a specific timeline of the events of the past 3 years. anyone know how to do that?
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2005|09:40 pm]
yesterday i got the most exciting bookmaking job of my life: binding two hardcover screenplays for a movie to be directed by ROMAN POLANSKI. he wants "mustard books with silver bindings." i can't believe this is happening.

i immediately called every single person i know in the universe.
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